Brand Identity

KADO is a gift agency, that provides a slightly unusual surprise experience. When someone doesn’t know what kind of gift they should be giving, KADO chooses for them. The user just picks who needs a gift (sibling, best friend, parent, etc) and its value. KADO handles everything else – the agency choses the present, wraps it up and sends it out for the special occasion. And the best part? The present is a surprise for both the sender and the person¬†receiving it.

When designing for KADO, I wanted the entire identity to look cool and playful, to illustrate chance and astonishment, and to capture the warmth of the surprise experience.


Logo process and exploration

The exploration process for the logo came from the fact that surprise is something unexpected. One of the many symbols of surprise, unexpectedness and even chance, is dice. I have tried many logo combinations using the dice mark, but in the end I created a custom type for KADO, and the dice symbol became a part of the complementary brand pattern.